If you value reason, inquiry, equality, liberty, and tolerance, you might owe the thinkers of The Enlightenment. Click any of the thumbnails below to access our recorded lectures and explore the connection between ideas, politics, and art.

Feb 3—Click to view archived lecture

Introduction to ‘Mozart and The Enlightenment’  with Steven Thompson

Feb 24—Click to view archived lecture

Meaning and Emotion in Mozart’s Late Symphonies with Alexander Kahn

March 24—Click to view archived lecture

The Ghost in Don Giovanni’s Closet: Three Psychological Perspectives—Paul Epstein

Feb 10—Click to view archived lecture

“Leck mich im Arsch!” A look at the film Amadeus: Fact or Fiction? 

March 10—Click to view archived lecture

Great Thinkers of The Enlightenment with demographer Shelley Lapkoff

April 7th—Click to view the archived lecture

 My Favorite Mozart with Steinway artist Natsuki Fukasawa

March 17—Click to view archived lecture

Pierre Beaumarchais: Polymath: Playwright, Arms Dealer —Laura Pritchard

April 14—Click to view archived lecture

A Conversation with John Merriman, Professor of History, Yale University 

Sacramento,  California

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