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Ericka Fernanda Reyna Cervantes

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Mapping Great Mexico


This lecture explores Mexico City as a living museum with more than 170 museums, 70 art galleries, art fairs, diverse cultural movements, and the most important cultural scene in Mexico City.


Far away from just mapping the actual art and heritage museums or institutional events, we seek to view Mexico City as an open space for exploring new artistic and aesthetic possibilities and honor the fact that this place used to be the ancient city of Tenochtitlan.


Fernanda Reyna is a contemporary artist based in Mexico City. She completed her PhD in Visual Arts and Design at  UNAM. Her educational journey includes workshops and artistic residencies in the UCM (Complutense University in Madrid) and The Sheffield University of England.


Her work has been exhibited in Spain, Portugal, France, England, and Mexico at  29th  Mini print  Internacional of Cadaqués, España, Bienal Douro  2012,  Borders  Bianal  (Mexico),  among others.


Fernanda Reyna's research focuses on Contemporary Art and its respective social intersection with Ecology.  She has participated in more than 20 collective exhibitions and seven individual exhibitions in different museums and  Art galleries from Mexico and the world.


Her current work examines the interaction and definition of such media as painting, engraving, installation, and artists' books. Her goal is  to explore color, ideas, and format in order to question the meaning of Art in each context and what happens when the techniques diverge from their own definitions.  

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