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Guadalupe Zetina Gutierrez

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Art Icons of Ancient Mexico

In this lecture, we learn about pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican art from three of its icons: Mixtec goldsmithing; the mexica plumaria; and Mayan sculpture. We'll explore tombs from Monte Albán and ancient Lakanhá, today known as Palenque. We'll see the gifts King Moctezuma offered Hernán Cortéz upon his arrival. And we'll learn how the ancient Mexican cultures live on today.


Guadalupe Zetina Gutierrez is an Anthropology Professor at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMEX) as well as being Adjunct Researcher of the Teteles de Santo Nombre Archaeological Project, in Tlacotepec, National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

Gutierrez holds a Bachelor of Anthropological Sciences, with a specialty in archeology, and a Master of Science, human ecology specialty. She has a Postgraduate PhD in Anthropology and twenty-three years of experience participating in archaeological and anthropological projects with government, national and foreign universities.

Author of articles, lectures, scientific conferences, and specializing in outreach in Mexico and abroad, she has won Honorable Mention in the INAH 2012 awards. As a university professor of archeology, she has taught courses, workshops, and seminars in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


Gutierrez is the Co-founder of the intercontinental association for Mexican cultural heritage and the founder of the social enterprise for the dissemination of Mexican culture "México Unearthed."

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