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Isaac Delgado Vela

Nationalism in Mexican Muralism


In this presentation, Isaac Delgado Vela explains the Mexican Muralists' use of iconography to construct an independent Mexican Aesthetic. He will explore the Muralist aesthetic as a sharp and opposite response to the aesthetic of the Porfiriato, seen as something foreign.

Vela will discuss the limitations and dangers of a “nationalist” aesthetic and finally, mention other artists that were part of this movement, but tend to be forgotten due to the shadow of the Big Three Muralists (Rivera, Siqueiros, and Orozco).


It's an evening of art, history, and enlightenment!


"Man at the Crossroads" by Diego Rivera


Isaac Delgado Vela graduated with honorable mention from the Autonomous University of Mexico State, Humanities Faculty, 2010. He majored in History with a minor in Art History.


A published author, his first book, “Mirrors, Spaces and Style: Escher and the Dutch Tradition” was published by University Press. Vela went on to be hired after college by a private firm in Mazatlán, Sinaloa to establish a framework for a Historical Archives of blueprints at a then-recently acquired abandoned shipyard. He also worked for two years establishing a classification system and setting the framework for future archives growth.


Since then he has become certified as an English teacher and has worked as a Language and Literature professor at a renowned school in Mexico City with the IB program, continuing his education from institutions such as Iberoamerican University, CENTRO University and the Lincoln Arts Center in New York. He recently relocated to Aguascalientes to become a Mexican History teacher in the MYP program, taught in English.  

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