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Our deep dive into the music of Mozart reveals fascinating connections between music, society, psychology, history, law, film, myths, and so much more.


Join Steven Thompson, Professor of Music, to see how Enlightenment ideals weave through Mozart's music.

“Leck mich im Arsch!”
Amadeus: Fact or Fiction?

Dr. Thompson walks us through the award-winning film Amadeus, differentiating fact from fiction. 

Yet another confused musician

Attorney David Brooks explains the intersection of Mozart's music with the Law, Society, and Politics of The Enlightenment.

Meaning and Emotion in Mozart’s Late Symphonies

Mozart composed over 600 works in his short 35 years and Alexander Kahn shows us how his final works are alive with emotional complexity.

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Great thinkers of the enlightenment

Demographer Shelley Lapkoff crunches the stats to give us an in-depth understanding of what led to the revolutionary ideas of the period.

Beaumarchais:Polymath, Playwright, Arms Dealer

 Dr. Laura Pritchard tells the story of how Mozart came to base the opera The Marriage of Figaro on the play by Frenchman Pierre Beaumarchais.

The Ghost in Don Giovanni's closet

Paul Epstein examines the opera through the lens of three different psychological perspectives.

My favorite Mozart with Natsuki Fukasawa

Join us as Fukasawa discusses her favorite Mozart pieces and plays select works.

A conversation with Yale historian, John Merriman

Equality, tolerance, and belief in reason are foundations of The Enlightenment. Historian John Merriman explains the significance of the period and shows how counter-revolutionaries nearly stripped us of those important ideals.

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